How we do it

Cost savings

Our unique finance scheme means a tailored solution to the individual projects. 80-90% of savings go toward paying the installation. 10-20% are immediate OPEX savings until investment is repaid.

Payback time of 5-10’000 operating hours provide extensive lifetime with full saving after repayment of installation.

Furthermore the opportunity of reducing or even removing a maintenance plan completely means not only an immediate saving on energy cost, but also a direct impact on the maintenance budget. No more requirements for substitute or replacement of destroyed light sources. A Lumia® solution will provide a maintenance free installation that is secured for the next +10 years. 

Energy savings

The energy saving potential is drastic in all scenarios and can easily lead up to 70% savings over a current legacy solution while still improving on the light quality in the installed environment. Lumia® LED products not only reduces energy consumption but will often enhance the light scene and increase the lux levels. 

Lumia® have with state of the art quality products achieved these savings potential by using LED light sources that generates up to 160 Lumen per Watt, far exceeding any other light technologies. while still upholding Colour Rendering Index of above 70 as a threshold. 


emission savings

Lumia® LED lights have several benefits to the environment. The obvious is the significantly lower power consumption. Based on the average emission data for Denmark, the production of 1 kWh of electricity results in the emission of 0.631 kg of CO₂. Based on the increased efficiency of Lumia® products, a standard upgrade will cause reducing emissions of 7,900 kilos of CO₂ every year.

Lumia® LED products offer lifetimes of up 60,000 operating hours equaling 4-50 times the lifetime of the products it replaces. Aside from the fact that our LED products are RoHS certified to be free of toxic components, the sheer volume of garbage avoided is considerable over the lifetime of the LED products.

Data about the project are collected by the Local Partner and the Facility Manager of the Customer:

  • Inventory of lighting installation
  • Usage pattern
  • Dimming, sensors
  • Changes that the customer would like to incorporate

We prepare an offer documented and detailing:

  • 1:1 replacements
  • Improvements
  • Savings
  • Repayment scheme
  • Financing conditions
  • Lifetime expectations

Once all documentation is signed, we will make the implementation plan in collaboration with:

  • Manufacturing team
  • Installer
  • Customer


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