Our products

Product Quality

Our engineers work in market-driven development teams creating products specified to meet the needs of our key markets.

At every step from concept to production, the development team validates technical product design, thermal design, LED component selection, LED lifetime, product performance, system efficiency and much more to deliver the best possible product to our customers.

Project proposals are simulated in the best available CAD programs and presented with focus on achieving optimal lighting solutions that enhance uniformity and improve lux levels. Energy consumption is reduced significantly making use of ground-breaking technologies available while improving the working conditions. 

Quality Assurance is strictly regulated within each production department. Coupled with internal and external IQC and FQC processes we ensure that the delivery of the specified product goes above and beyond the expectations of our customers.

Each product goes through seven quality control inspections before it reaches our customers.


Our selection of professional luminaries for outdoor use can illuminate city streets, squares, parks and other open spaces - big or small - that need energy efficient, high quality light with high uniformity and low glare.

Using weather-resistant materials, our IP67 rated casings ensure long service life.

The wide range of street lighting products offers a complete selection of luminaries for the ultimate in street and urban lighting projects.

Full-range series of luminaries created in new, organic and timeless forms around the best-in-class LED technology offer leading performance.

We offer an upgrade of the light source itself through a simple replacement

retrofit LED 1:1 solution.


With integrated smart solution control and management system, the Smart lighting concept is raised to another level with an infinite range of possibilities from wireless control of light to free Wi-Fi services for all type of building owners and spaces whether it being public or privately.

We offer an intelligent control and maintenance system that optimizes street light usage to lower energy consumption by decreasing the lighting level at off-peak traffic hours. It also reduces maintenance cost by real time monitoring and reporting of performance.

Our solution helps municipalities and ESCOs increase direct energy savings, provide safer streets, and create cities and towns that are safe and enjoyable to live and work in. The general challenge facing the technical department in the municipalities and ESCOs is continuously monitoring and maintaining the city’s lighting solution under the constant restraint of limited resources and time. In many municipalities and ESCOs this is a manual task that needs to be done onsite, thus being a very time consuming and inefficient process that raises the maintenance costs for the entire lighting solution.


We offer innovative and maintenance free product for all office environments as well as retail premises, which ensures that energy and cost savings are achieved without any unnecessary investment from tenant or property owner.

Our broad and deep product portfolio allows for great flexibility in designing lighting plans with detailed attention optimizing every area.


We have developed a full product portfolio of luminaries and light sources, for all types of offices, warehouses, hotels, hospitals, sports arenas, parking areas and many other facilities. These products are developed with a strong focus on light quality, and in particular, lumen-output and energy efficiency as essential parameters. The care from the selection of high performance quality components to the right beam angle, are ensured for long lasting and energy efficient products.