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Turnkey solutions

  • Site assessment
  • Proposal for LED replacement including projected savings
  • Full technical documentation compliant with industry regulations
  • Installation service
  • Support service

quality products

Products are engineered at our Danish head office to comply with European quality standards. Manufacturing takes place in state-of-the-art facilities in Asia.

To deliver the best possible products, we have strict requirements to bring every step of the production process to the highest possible standard.

  • Our engineering team will provide a complete assessment of your requirements onsite using the best engineering practices and methods. Followed by a in-depth analysis and simulated project solution that includes an optimized energy saving scheme as well as projected cost savings.

  • We present the solution in a full technical report in compliance with industry regulations and latest technological opportunities. The detailed presentation will give a complete overview of the potential for energy saving and the improvements of quality of light according to the current legacy installation.

  • From the design of every component during product development to the finishing installment on site our focus is on delivering exceptional quality above market requirements.


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